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Cover Story
The CFPB’s Proposed TRID Changes: What’s Left Unanswered
Some investors and secondary market players may have just as many questions as they had when the rule was first introduced.
Front Office
Cleaner Shops Equals Fewer Enforcement Actions?
I got some feedback from readers regarding the headline for my June-July editorial, “Is The Regulatory Flood Receding?” Some said they got a chuckle out of it. Upon reflection, I’ll admit that it probably should have stated, “Are Regulatory Enforcement Actions Receding?” because, as I well knew at the time, it’s not that there are [...]
Hedging Note Rates That Transcend Coupons
Increased coupon transcendence has caused many hedge models to be fundamentally flawed.
Quality Control
A Day At The Zoo
What do zoos and mortgage lending operations have in common? For one thing, they both need good internal controls.
Regulatory Compliance
The Road To HMDA Implementation
HMDA is not the same as TRID; lots of testing and training will be needed.
2016 Directory of Mortgage Lenders & Vendors
To view Secondary Marketing Executive’s Annual Directory of Mortgage Lenders & Vendors, Click Here.
Better Best Execution
In order to maximize business opportunity, it’s imperative for lenders to include as many factors as possible in their best execution strategies.
Housing Markets
Housing Market Fundamentals Didn’t Improve Much In July The housing market did not improve much in July, according to Freddie Mac’s Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi), which measures the overall health of the market based on four indicators: purchase applications, payment-to-income ratios, percent of borrowers current on their mortgages and employment. However, South Carolina moved back [...]
Secondary Market
MCT, Fannie Mae Partner To Improve Best Execution Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) and Fannie Mae are partnering to deploy new technology and improve collaboration in order to deliver better service to their mutual clients. Through this new partnership, MCT will be able to connect to live Fannie Mae pricing for real-time distribution to mutual [...]
Regulatory Compliance
Fannie, Freddie Update Standard Mortgage Application Form Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have updated the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), the standard form used by borrowers to apply for a mortgage. It is the first update for the form – also known as Fannie Mae form 1003 and Freddie Mac form 67 – in more than [...]
Mortgage Origination Increased 26% In Q2 Nearly 1.9 million (1,868,187) mortgage loans were originated on U.S. residential properties (one to four units) in the second quarter – an increase of 26% compared with the first quarter but a decrease of 4% from the second quarter of 2015, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ U.S. Residential Property [...]

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