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Mortgage lenders today are reliant on technology and automation in order to gain efficiencies, hold down operating costs, improve customer service and meet compliance. Mortgage technology firms are rising to the occasion, but only those firms with a strong marketing presence will survive in this highly competitive industry. Marketing to SME's audience of 27,940 brings your product message directly to the men and women running mortgage production shops across the country. MarketingGrid

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  • Risk Management

December 23

December 30

Bonus Distribution:

  • Southern States Secondary Market Conference, Feb. 1-2, Houston, TX
  • MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference, Feb. 16-19, Orlando, FL
  • 13th Annual Eastern Secondary Market Conference, Feb. 24-26, Orlando, FL
  • MBA-NJ 32nd Annual Regional Conference, March 13-17, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Valuations
  • Solutions Showcase

February 19

February 26

Bonus Distribution:

  • ABA Real Estate Lending Conference, April 17-19, San Antonio, TX
  • Origination Strategies

April 15

April 22

Bonus Distribution:

  • MBA National Secondary Market Conference, May 15-18, New York, NY
  • Quality Control

May 20

May 27

Directories: Annual Mortgage Vendor Directory

Bonus Distribution:

  • CMBA Western States Secondary Market Conference, July 25-27, San Francisco, CA
  • Technology In Mortgage Banking
  • Solutions Showcase

July 22

July 29

Bonus Distribution:

  • New England Mortgage Banking Conference
  • Hedging

September 9

September 16

Bonus Distribution:

  • MBA Annual Convention & Expo, Oct. 23-26, Boston, MA
  • Compliance

November 11

November 18

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Ad File Format:

  • PDF-X/4 (preferred) and PDF-X/1a standards are acceptable.
  • SM ’s standard job options can be downloaded here


Fonts must be embedded or saved as outlines.


  • Color must be process CMYK. We will convert all other color modes to conform.
  • Four-color text should be no smaller than 12 point - 10 point in a bold face. This guideline applies to knock-out type
  • When using rich black, use the formula: C=40,M=30,Y=30, K=100. Use this formula for black copy over 24 pt., copy under 24 pt. use just black.
  • Do not use RGB, spot colors or duotones
  • Ads will be run to SWOP standards
  • Four color coverage: maximum 300 ; see example

Bleeds (Full-Page Ads Only):

Add 1/8th to trim size of 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”, allow 1/4” in from trim for safety.


Ads will be run to SWOP standards. If a color match is desired, we will require a Certified ColorPress Proof printed at 100%. Shipping Address: 100 Willenbrock Road, Oxford, CT 06478

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